Cinta Soul

CINTA SOUL 5 - Schellekens & Cleijsen Photography

Sander Schmid – Cinta Soul – is a cocky producer from Tilburg, The Netherlands. His roots lie in Hip-Hop, which you can still hear in his productions and his DJ-sets. Inspired by artists like Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing he made up his own futuristic Hip-Hop Beats with strange bleeps, noisy bells and floating vocals. Music for your soul.

With over 7 years of DJ and producing experience Cinta Soul knows how to please the crowd. With gigs on Epulse Festival, Festival Mundial, Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap’s ‘Wij Zijn’ and ‘Niet Hier’ release parties and a residency on Trigga he developed a great set of skills. These new found skills, make him able to combine danceable joints of Hip-Hop with an offbeat futuristic twist. Cinta Soul manages to keep bringing fresh tunes to your ears that you have never heard before! Don’t forget to download his Darko EP on his bandcamp!

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