MADSTER - ISSHO - 10 - Schellekens & Cleijsen Photography

Maddie Goossens – Madster – a DJ and producer from Helmond, The Netherlands. Madster covers almost every genre in Drum and Bass. Artists like Noisia, Audio, Fred V and Grafix influence him.

At the age of 15, Maddie started producing music. When he turned 17 he started playing the decks and began playing House-tunes. The House scene did not satisfy him enough, regardless of the big gigs he got and the popularity he gained. In 2009 he came in touch with the Drum and Bass and Dubstep scene and immediately fell in love with it. He played some notable gigs on Wish Outdoor alongside Black Sun Empire and Cookie Monsta and replaced Dodge & Fuski on One Full House!

Madster and Trollface released a dubstep EP on Clownsville Records and he some collaborations with Clownsville boss ‘Will Clovens’. By covering almost every Drum and Bass genre there is, Madster is the DnB DJ to reach out for!

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