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Robokop – Rob Jager – is Dutch Dubstep/Glitch-Hop/Drum and Bass producer from Hilversum. His fascination for music started at the age of 6 by listening to a wide variety of tracks in different styles. He started preforming as a beat-boxer at the age of twelve as his first alias ‘Yoshi J.’. While beat-boxing he developed an extreme interest in Break-beat related styles such as Drum and Bass, Break-beat and Hip-hop. Influenced by the east coast Hip-Hop scene’s (Soul/Jazz) sampled beats, he started making beats and wrote his first songs.

In 2010, Jager started to preform as his now famous alias: Robokop. With releases on labels such as MWM Recordings, Bombeatz Ink, One For All Recordings, Monkey Dub, LU10, SCUM Recordings and New Wave Records, Robokop created a very have, energetic and epic sound. His tracks gained support from guys like Downlink, Tim Ismag, Document One, Modestep, Figure, Mark Instincts, Roksonix and Midnight Tyrannosaurs, to name a few.

While playing the decks Robokop shares the same energy he uses in his slamming productions. Crowds around the globe immediately know what to do with this energy and cannot stand still! Robokop perfected his skills at shows like Quarantine (US), Le Marquis (FR), Subway XL (NL) and 50Hurtz (NL). He will never let the crowd down!

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