Will Clovens

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Will Clovens a.k.a. Maarten van Kroonenburg, is the founder and CEO of Clownsville. Will Clovens started in the Break-beat scene with his former (duo) act; The Screaming Jesters in September 2011. In October 2012 the duo decided to split up. Since august 2013, Maarten started his new solo alias Will Clovens.

Will Clovens is always experimenting with new sounds and styles in the break-beat scene. His sound can be best described as ‘dark’, ‘deep’ and somewhat ‘experimental’. Will Clovens is influenced by artists like Alix Perez, Icicle, Danny Scrilla and Machine Drum.

His debut album has been released on the first of September on Clownsville records called ‘Will Clovens’. The album takes you on a break-beat journey trough different style with the significant Will Clovens sound.
Make sure to keep an eye on him; his energetic, dark and bass driven sets will give you an evil but yet satisfying smile!

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