Clownsville @ Breek 03-05-2014

Since Dystal and Proxima are on a new adventure, The Illuminated (Underslung Audio) are taking over Breek now as residents and promotors. This is the third edition of the new concept of Breek and the third time I see Les Projecteurs providing the night with some awesome visuals! The Illuminated really knew how to warm […]

Clownsville in the Scene: Slack DJ Contest

  The astute viewers must have seen it: Slack is organizing a DJ-Contest! Do you want to spin records next to Eloq, Suddendeaf, Rolla 22 and Sefs? Read the rules and get going! –       Make a 30-minutes-mix –       Restrain yourself to: Trap, Juke/Footwork, Jersey Club, Future Beats –       Upload your mix on soundcloud and add […]

Clownsville In The Scene: 10 Best DJ Rashad Tracks

On Saturday the 26th of april, the Footwork scene(and to be honest, the complete dance scene) has lost one of her best pioneers. DJ Rashad (Rashad Harden) has died at the age of 34. More info about the death  of Rashad will be giving tomorrow. There are articles about a drug overdose. We will not […]

Clownsville Reviews: Bukez Finezt – Under Control EP

  The long awaited “Bukez Finezt – Under Control EP” is seeing a release at the 28th of April 2014 via Subway Recordings, containing three tracks: “Under Control”, “You Don’t Belong Here” and “Pace Yourself”. When mentioning “Subway” most of you automatically think about one of the biggest dubstep and drum and bass events in […]

Clownsville @ Underslung Audio Showcase 11-04-2014

Underslung Audio Showcase. Is this real life? Or is this fantasy? Ruben’s up first! I know for sure this is one nice atmosphere to walk in to. Some heavy and at the same time deep tunes even your mother would approve of are played already by Karma Initiative and Tylam. When walking towards the small […]

Clownsville @ Kaputt 11-04-2014

On the 11th of April there is a new edition of Kaputt in Paard van Troje, the Hague. I’ve never been in Paard van Troje before, but I’ve heard some great stories about this venue. With artists as Lifecycle, New Gen, Boeboe, Flash Oddysee and Eptic on the line-up I’m sure it’s going to be […]

Clownsville Reviews: Teebs – E S T A R A

Well, well. It has been several months since I have last written a review about any record. You get a new job, you move into a new city, working-hours intensify, and there you go five months slipped by. It counts for less than half a year, but this small gap was enough for a fair […]

Clownsville at Events: AEM Kick-off Party

  The AEM Kick-off party, one big family hosting one big party. This just has to be an awesome night.We head out to Eindhoven, discussing the line up along the way to our destination, Dynamo. Some of them are familiar faces, and some of them are new. We look forward to see what Antideus and […]

Clownsville at Events: Krackfree 4 Year Anniversary

I have never been to a Krackfree event before, but any dubstep event is sure to get me psyched out for the experience and I knew a lot of friends were going to be there so I went to Café Altstadt locked and loaded with great bassline expectations. And boy oh boy did I get […]

Clownsville In The Scene: Kubus Dropzone Remix Contest

Do you live in Holland of in Belgium? Are you a musicproducer and would you like to be on the line-up next to Kubus on an awesome party? Would you like to be released on iTunes with the official remix of the track ‘Sherry’ by Kubus? Now is the chance to do so!   Download […]