Meet the Clownsville Community

Meet the Clownsville Community! See what we do, what we stand for and what we like! Some major changes occured for Clownsville. Let’s not talk a lot about it, there’s a very cool video which explains it all, enjoy!     Be part of our communities: Video Credits: Rens van Bree

Clownsville Reviews: Bukez Finezt – Under Control EP

  The long awaited “Bukez Finezt – Under Control EP” is seeing a release at the 28th of April 2014 via Subway Recordings, containing three tracks: “Under Control”, “You Don’t Belong Here” and “Pace Yourself”. When mentioning “Subway” most of you automatically think about one of the biggest dubstep and drum and bass events in […]

Clownsville Reviews: Teebs – E S T A R A

Well, well. It has been several months since I have last written a review about any record. You get a new job, you move into a new city, working-hours intensify, and there you go five months slipped by. It counts for less than half a year, but this small gap was enough for a fair […]

Clownsville Reviews: Kubus – Kick Snare Snicker Album

  A label often walks a dodgy path with many sidetracks and obstacles. Money can build the bridges to higher places, but also narrows down the creative take sometimes. It’s more often a rule, than exception – to place profit on a pedestal. Surely there still are certain ethics involved, but down the road it’s […]

Clownsville Reviews: ENiGMA Dubz – Ready to Rumble

The prestigious label Dubstar Records has released loads of quality albums over the past few years, featuring producers such as BadKlaat, Megalodon, D2, Kromestar and many others. ENiGMA Dubz already released a few singles via Dubstar, but now they’ve set up a full album for the first time! James V., better known as ENiGMA Dubz, […]

Clownsville Reviews: Tom Maas the Beginnings EP and Live-set

The Beginnings. The start of something new. Something called Tom Maas. Next to his already successful alias ‘Boef’ from ‘Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap’, Tom starts a solo-project. With this solo-project he creates experimental beats that are influenced by Dubstep and Hip-Hop. On the 28th of November he released his ‘The Beginnings’ EP and celebrated […]

Clownsville Reviews: Bonobo Live @ Paradiso 20th of November

  I’ve been following Bonobo for several years now, but I never had to chance to visit him. I’m desperately trying to visit a show for the last few years but every time something comes between. When I saw Paradiso announced this live show in Paradiso Amsterdam I immediately ordered tickets and put a big […]

Clownsville Reviews: Requake – No Air EP

The “Requake – No Air EP” is released on the 18th of November 2013 by the prestigious label “Subway Music”. Catalogue number SUBWAY031 consists of 5 tracks “No Air”, “Taco”, “Trench Town”, “Warm Winters” and “Music Of The Spheres”. Subway Music Producers Adrien and Sebastien, better known as the dubstep duo ‘Requake’, actually don’t need […]

Clownsville Review: Eprom – Half Life

Where a lot of music can be put in a box easily, Eprom’s work is rather tricky to label. It’s a new sound for me personal, though it has a lot of similarities with the Trap subgenre in Hip-Hop. Yet it’s built on significant Bass fundaments with monotone 8-bit samples and sawing strings, merging itself […]

Clownsville Review: Koan Sound & Asa – Sanctuary EP

I’ve been a fan of Asa for a few years but I have never really been into Koan Sound. I’m a huge fan of the emotional, lush tracks by Asa so I was kinda worried that this EP would be ‘’disrespectful’’ to Asa’s sound. But how wrong was I… This by Asa & Koan Sound […]