Clownsville at Events: Rocketfuel (Including interviews)

  Rocketfuel Number four up for grabs already, and this time it’s us taking over the party! Clownsville reporting in for bass music duty! In this article you will find two exclusive interviews, one with Pakripa and one with The Greys and a report of the event.  We’ll start right up with an interview with […]

Clownsville Interviews Devnik and reports SAW 31-05-2014

  SAW is turning more and more into one of my favourite parties. The atmosphere is almost impossible to reproduce anywhere else, the music and bookings are always spot on and on top of that, I always see tons of friends! So what better party to kick off our pilot of Clownsville TV, turning our […]

Clownsville interviews – dOOp vs Subp Yao

For my report on the Waka Flocka Flame concert(Which will be online tomorrow), I also had a chance to interview the support act dOOp vs Subp Yao. Right before they had to preform I took the chance to get to know them a little bit better and find out how it feels to preform aside […]

Clownsville Interviews: MC Swift

  You might have heard his voice during one of the Dutch breakbeat nights. MC Swift, likes to keep his weekends scheduled with hosting parties, for example, going full heat on the mic during Subway in Rotterdam, or even hosting the show for Kryptic Minds during Outlook! We met with him fairly recently and talked […]

Clownsville Interviews: GANZ

GANZ is really making a name right now. His sound is getting plays by quite a lot of important folks. I got the chance to interview him about a year ago for 3VOOR12, (read it here). It was very clear back then that this guy was going to burst into the scene and I was […]

Clownsville Interview: Moody Good

  When we heard the news that one of the former 16Bit producers started a new project called ‘Moody Good’. In a few days he managed to get over 3000 likes on Facebook without even putting a song online. Recently he uploaded one of his first clips on Soundcloud and we were blown away immediately. […]

Clownsville Interviews: Robokop

I remember quite well when I first heard his music. It was about two years ago; a remix from the quite memorable ‘Going in for the Kill’ by La Roux. I instantly was fond of the very melodic and yet still rough sound. Not much later he released ‘Anthem’ – in the intro you could […]

Clownsville Interviews: June Miller

Photo by: Isolde Woudstra We had an interview with June Miller, a transcontinental duo consisting of Mark McCann(UK) and Bart van Dijk(The Netherlands), which is very successful in the Drum and Bass scene. They released music on labels like RAM Records, Critical Music and Renegade Hardware for example. After an astonishing summer with loads of […]

Clownsville interview: Sadhu

  This guy actually needs no introduction, but we are here to educate anyway. Sadhu has taken the scene by a storm. His ‘machinegun’ basslines are virtually second to none. In a timespan of months, he has pushed himself to a status of constant hype and still manages to deliver. A wild, direct and funny […]

Interview: Breek with Proxima and Dystal

This Saturday it is time for the completely new and improved Breek edition. They booked an amazing line-up and we’ve heard a lot about the new concept it but did not know what this particularly meant. So we sat down with Proxima and Dystal to have a chitchat about what the new concept will bring […]