Clownsville at Events: Give it Dub 31-06-2014



There we go, Ruben here kicking things off! Give It Dub, almost like my home turf. If I could I would live here by now, Nijmegen has the best events in the scene if you ask me and I’m more than excited for this one!

Walking into the venue always gives me goosebumps, especially this time because it’s the last time in Doornroosje. DBS opening the night with some fresh beats that go as deep as I did with y….
Hehe. We all know that DBS is an excellent DJ and if you don’t know already I highly recommend that you go check him out if you have the chance to. Deepheads won’t be disappointed! Hearing some of the new TRUTH tunes of Hollow World. Excellent release by these legends! DBS slowly going to the more Bukez Finezt’ish sounds but to be honest I think Butzie is going to wow us all and be pulling off something no one will expect from him, knowing what Butzie usually plays during his sets, but keeping in mind that he recently released his Under Control EP I have a hunch Butzie is also going in deep and dry.  The man has a lot up his sleeve lately! Time for me to enjoy for a bit and hand the report over to Elmar!
Have a great read and cya all in a bit! Bukez! Wreck some shit man! Bombaklauss!

Alright my man Ruben, thanks for the handover, let’s do this! I knew from you beforehand that Bukez is likely going to go deep, so we may have to bite the pillow soon. I don’t always enjoy the REALLY deep sounds like you, but I can’t wait because having met Bukez Finezt and being a long term fan, I am very psyched for this one.

First track goes in there now… THIS. TRACK. IS. MASSIVE. Wow I’m already liking it. Butziefutzie, is there anything you CAN’T do? Next one goes in… BANGER. Wow, I am loving these deep vibes already and it’s only the first 5 minutes. This is exactly what me and Ruben signed up for, and it only keeps getting better.

Massive wobbles are swung around the amazing venue that is Doornroosje. I don’t even know what the hell it is that I’m hearing this crazy but brilliant Eastern neighbour dropping right now but I WANT IT. I’m going to Shazam this.

*Shazaming…* DAMNIT it can’t ID the tune. The Indians would call me Cries In Corners right now, because that’s what I’m gonna do. And if this is what’s up ALL night, I’m leaving Nijmegen in a body bag for my mom to identify me. Sorry mum, blame the wobbles!

Bukez is throwing in some of his new material and it hits the crowd HARD. We’re talking slam dunk homeruns here with almost every track he spins, and even after a while when his tracks go even deeper (where’s the pillow, I will have to scream out loud if I can’t bite one) the vibe stays as powerful as always.

I’ve been crying in corners almost the entire set because Shazam won’t help me out here, but the tears and the pillow biting are nothing compared to the goosebumps I am starting to get here. Ruben, I have to come right out and say this: Finally, I understand why you love your dubstep so deep. Speaking of big cuddly teddybears, I think it’s about time to hand over the report to you again so I can go check out the small area and you can write about dying a happy man when Quest and Mala do their thing. Over!

Sick! A phat one Elmar! First words by me; I WAS RIGHT! BUKEZ! MADMAN! HERE WE GO!

Bukez just made a new deep dubstep sub-genre within the first 20 minutes, let’s call it Finezt Deep Bukez
Duuuude is wrecking it! Doornroosje is packed and Nijmegen finally decided to come in early! What a night so far. Bass scene people everywhere, the vibe is good, Soundsystem MAD as always!
BRILLIANTLY placed backspin, byeeee! CHUUUNE!!!

The sound of Flowdan’ voice always delivers Goosebumps. Unbelievable what Bukez is doing here..
Give it Dub. Thank you! “The government controls the public, the media..”
Sold out Doornroosje. Bukez Finezt delivered his deep and switches to the Bukez we all know and love, sorry Elmar. I have to write this down. This is the night we will all remember. And I’d quite like to know how things are in the small area my friend. Holler at me!

Thanks very much my man! Well, things down here are rather underground. Shazam is still bullying me by not ID-ing these great sounds so the Indians can keep calling me Cries In Corners (I wonder who will actually get the Dances With Wolves reference). There’s some great reggae dub over here and nobody seems to mind it at all. You know I don’t really like the reggae but these tunes I don’t mind hearing at all!

Now, time for the big guns in the main area. Ruben, how is Quest doing in there? And please tell me about Mala because I’ll be stuck here most of the time reporting on Nicon when that shit is going down! Back to you!

Thanks again, Elmar! There we go! Quest taking over and how!! Fresh uptempo tunes that really set the mood! Followed by the sickest and filthiest synths that’ll go through skin and straight to your bones. At the end of the night when you arrive home, you always remember a certain melody right? Well now I know already which one that’ll be..
And this time I probably won’t mind at all! Daaaaaayum!

The crowd is literally going crazy on these tunes. Quest really knows how to play the crowd using deep tunes as pauses and then BLOWING us away with both hard and nasty tunes I have never heard before and I have heard ALOT about now! Last time I did a report for Give it Dub I talked about being murdered, resurrected and being murdered again over and over but this time it really is the right way to talk about this set from the man Quest! Unbelievable. Clean mixing, perfect chuuune selection and working with the crowd!

The one thing I miss about Doornroosje is a way to cool off for a minute or two. The smoking areas are too small to get some rest and “air”. Luckily the small area isn’t too crowded, not sure if that’s a good thing since Give It Dub sold out and there are playing some good DJ’s over there, aren’t there, Elmar? (There sure are, Ruben! They’re more than worthy of playing Give It Dub)

Last few minutes of Quest going in. The crowd is warmed up, let’s all have a moment to appreciate this moment and enjoy the 2 hours full of MALA. I’m so so so so happy to finally experience this! I can’t promise to write anything down now, but I’m sure I’ll remember every second.

Mala, Goosebumps generator. Or should I say “elephantbumps”?!
2 hours of MALA education. Even the youngsters here are losing it. Unbelievable.
I am speechless. Wow.
Not only because of Mala but the overall experience of this event. Give it Dub ís my favourite and I have a strong feeling this will be for a loooong time! And speaking of incredibly long things, I heard Elmar is witnessing a drum n bass set happening in the small area of Doornroosje. Elmar, holler at me! How is Nicon closing the night in there?

Thanks again Ruben, great to hear the music in the main area is spot on! Down here, Nicon is destroying the room. He’s dropping some amazing deep drum n bass and I love these tunes. You know I’ve always been a fan of the more heavy electronic music styles so I can’t complain at all down here.

But wait, this isn’t a deep tune… WOW, Nicon just threw us some major neurofunk. And another one. AND ANOTHER ONE! Are we really going down this road for the final hour of the small room tonight…

Yes, seems that way, because I can clearly hear the Audio remix of Peepshow by Cause4Concern getting louder and louder, until it drops and I nearly drop and destroy my phone skanking. Chase & Status – No Problem immediately after that, and now we are witnessing the Camo & Krooked remix of Numbers by John B! This shit is crazy, I’m not sure what Nicon is doing right now is even legal at a Give It Dub event. Maybe someone should call the Dub Police (HA, see what I did there?)!

Ruben, you’re up again, and after reporting, I think you’re going to have to come and scrape me off of the floor and put me in the back of your car on the way back because I’ll have passed on to a better world. One in which this set by Subway Music boss Nicon never ends. How is Mala doing in there? I’m coming there soon, reduced to a corpse!

Sounds intense Elmar, but I don’t think this can be topped! Cokiiiiiiiiiiiiii and a backspin, as Mala does with every Coki tune and they surely deserve it! The crowd is immediately pumped and back to action. What a massive amount of energy!

Last 15 minutes for Mala, can’t believe the crowd is shrinking! What a legend! I’m like the happiest man alive at the moment!
We heard Changes in the beginning of his set but from deep down we are all waiting for Changes James Blake remix, let’s hope the man knows!

BEEVEE has to turn in 10 minutes of his set because the crowd keeps applauding for Mala. No joke. Almost crying.
I’m out. I died. What about you, Elmar?

Respitory failure and cardiac arrest for me, Ruben. This party has wowed me from start to finish with its atmosphere and musical quality. I will most definitely be going to the next one in the new Doornroosje with you to witness the absolute legends of Truth kill us off once and for all. I’m going to sign off and find myself a morgue to be identified by my mom in. It was good knowing you, my friend.

And for all you readers: I want YOU to be at the next Give It Dub on the 19th of september for the dubstep inauguration of the new Doornroosje. See you there!

Report written by: Elmar van Eijk & Ruben van Leusden