Clownsville at Events: Rocketfuel (Including interviews)



Rocketfuel Number four up for grabs already, and this time it’s us taking over the party! Clownsville reporting in for bass music duty! In this article you will find two exclusive interviews, one with Pakripa and one with The Greys and a report of the event.  We’ll start right up with an interview with RocketFuel resident and my personal friend Pakripaa, who has been destroying dancefloors around the region with his riddim sets for quite some months now. Tonight he’ll be opening the night B2B with RocketFuel boss and another one of my good friends Antideus.


Well, Joris, lets just kick right in with the most important question of all: What do you put on your sandwich for breakfast?

La Vache Quiri

What are your stopwords?

Heftig (translates as heavy, in the sense of rad, awesome)
Ziek (translates as sick)
Maat (translates as buddy, mate, pal)

What do you like about the Netherlands?
Not a lot! Neh haha, I like the fact that you can just do your own thing. Lots of free money here, too.

Whats the greatest life lesson you’ve learned?
You don’t rest until you’re dead.

 On which tracks do you absolutely lose it?
All Requake, that’s awesome. Warlord VIP by Dream, the FuntCase remix of Squid Attack. Duck Trumpet VIP by Bukez too!

What does your mom cook best?
Dürüm rolls, that she can cook!

Do you have any kinds of rituals during a day or week?
No man, not really

Whats your most annoying attribute?

And the best attribute?
What a shitty question! Lets think… *asks girlfriend who replies “everything”

Describe the woman of your dreams?
A girl who has the same interests, doesn’t think too much about life, and she has to look good.

Whats your guilty pleasure?
It’s full HD gay porn hahaha! Neh joking man, I don’t really have one

What would you tell raving Holland and the readers of this interview?
Watch out with what you use

What would you like your legacy to be?
My socialness!

Rocketfuel number four has officially kicked off with my good friends Antideus and Pakripaa playing their first tunes. Pakripaa playing Jock Horror by Ganja White Knight! Waterdrops VIP is pumped followed by another massive track.

The set turns a little filthier after a while. Antideus gives the Final minutes to Pakripaa after which Suddendeaf take over and play some nasty dubs to open their set. Influenced by artists such as Guerilla Speakerz, Machinedrum and Krampfhaft, Suddendeaf developed a experimental but very danceable sound. This duo will not stop throwing tunes till you start shake your booty. After some neat trap their songs turn filthier by the minute. They even drop Nuclear by Zomboy.

Up next is Rob Jager, AKA Robokop. He is a Dutch Dubstep/Glitch-Hop/Drum and Bass producer from Hilversum. His fascination for music started at the age of 6 by listening to a wide variety of tracks in different styles. He started preforming as a beat-boxer at the age of twelve as his first alias ‘Yoshi J.’. While beat-boxing he developed an extreme interest in Break-beat related styles such as Drum and Bass, Break-beat and Hip-hop. Influenced by the east coast Hip-Hop scene’s (Soul/Jazz) sampled beats, he started making beats and wrote his first songs.

In 2010, Jager started to preform as his now famous alias: Robokop. With releases on labels such as MWM Recordings, Bombeatz Ink, One For All Recordings, Monkey Dub, LU10, SCUM Recordings and New Wave Records, Robokop created a very have, energetic and epic sound. His tracks gained support from guys like Downlink, Tim Ismag, Document One, Modestep, Figure, Mark Instincts, Roksonix and Midnight Tyrannosaurs, to name a few.

Robokop is playing some easygoing stuff to start his set off. Lifecycle – 2hertz after 15 minutes is one of those tracks. Robokop pulls out his glitchier stuff after this to get the place more filled up and its working pretty good. People are sitting outside because of the heat but… they are missing out big time! This guy has been destroying it at 50Hurtz, Subway XL and even some gigs in the USA in the past and now he’s doing the same here. It’s an hour full of energetic tunes, after which it’s time to make way for the king of the jungle.

Joel Kefentse Mellenberg – known by his stagename Le Lion – is a very talented Dubstep artist from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Influenced by artists such as Mala, Coki and Benga he developed a metallic sounding dark but funky style. Le Lion is a producer who can’t stop throwing new quality tunes at you.

In his short career this 19 years old producer released on labels such as MWM-Recordings, Sub Asylym, Clownsville Records and Subquake Audio to name a few. More releases are on its way, so be prepared for more growls!

This lion does not only know how to produce ridiculous tunes, he also knows how to play the crowd. He played alongside Excision, Benga, Culprate and this list is still growing. His sets contain lots of energy and exclusive tunes. It’s almost impossible to compare Le Lion’s sets with others, he is the true king of the jungle, and doesn’t waste time showing why. He starts off with some extreme filth, even playing a big ass remix of Dikke Taarte. His set is big and its damn fucking filthy. Wow! Great energy! This music is attracting people on the outside of the building inside and it’s no wonder! Le Lion truly knows how to fill an hour with filth and he does it again right here, right now!

After his disgusting set we are proud to welcome our international guest of the night in the form of The Greys. I had the privilege of interviewing and somewhat befriending this great guy full of humour and life, and this is the result:

So, thanks for having the interview man. Lets kick it off! What do you most like to eat?
Well, lots of fresh fruits. I find what you eat can really inspire you. You are what you eat. I get healthier ideas when I eat more healthy.

Whats your worst character flaw?
What, like a bad habit? Well it’s in my hand! *lifts his cigarette*

You smoke a lot?
Yeah, way too much man. I need it.

Ah well, whatever floats your boat right?

What are your best characteristics?
Well I love everything, I love everyone. I don’t have problems with people, I’m always trying to make an effort with whoever it is, no matter what.

Well that’s a good thing! What would you do with a million euro’s?
I think I’d invest it in property! The money would stay there, you know? I’d invest in something I can rely on! Besides, I can’t buy a one million pound property, cuz I’d have to run it. I’d spend half on it and use the rest to live!

Bit of a lazy habit then?
Yeah haha sort of.

Do you have any kind of rituals on a daily or weekly basis, like stuff you always do before bed or when getting up?
I have breathing techniques, like meditating. I got it from some friends, I just count my breathing and what it does for me is cancel everything out. It calms me down you know? I found myself a lot less busy in the head and I suffer a lot less from anxiety and stress.

Well that’s definitely better! How did you come up with your name?
It came from a conspiracy! It’s from a theory that this certain race lives on this planet, called The Tall Greys.

Is it like the Illuminati?
No, not really. They are supposed to be like these six, seven foot humans that are 250 years old. Basically just advanced humans, IF they exist. I don’t think so.

What’s the most important thing that’s EVER happened to you?
I’d say finding that love for music. It happened quite young. I think everybody loves music. But finding it and thinking “this is what I wanna do.”

Whats the greatest set you’ve ever played?
It felt as if my last one in Rouan in France was my best. I just felt very synchronised with the crowd.

Who did you play with?
Mostly local DJ’s, but it was really nice. All the DJ’s smashed it, it was fun.

Are you a womaniser?
I wouldn’t say so, haha!

Haha how come?
Well I’m appreciative to them. I try to be careful, but it’s easy to ehm..

Yeah, especially at parties!
Especially, yeah

What’s the first thing on your bucketlist? What do you HAVE to do before you die?
Ehm… lemme think… I’d love to go to Antarctica.

Antarctica, wow! Not a lot of people go there, that’s a good one! Whats your favourite track at the moment?
Currently it’s a track by London Nebel called The Groove. It’s really wonky, it’s really fun, and I’ve found it’s really got the crowd going every time.

Which things do you love and hate about Holland?
I love how laidback it is, and I love the fact that cannabis is legal and there’s a positive mentality towards it. And people use it to help themselves. It is a bit flat, hahahahaha. It’s a bit like a pancake! Holland’s like a pancake.

Holland’s like a pancake, wow haha!
Yeah haha but I don’t hate that to be fair. It’s nice change, cuz England’s all wobbly.

Right, it’s a bit stiff there right? Anything goes here!
Right on

Anything you explicitly DON’T like about this country?
I couldn’t say so.

Well that’s a good thing right? What could we learn from your culture in England?
Well, we’re boisterous drinkers! We just drink tons whatever the circumstances!

 What was your worst performance ever?
I was playing Cheltenham in England and was basically going a bit too hard on the volume faders and what happened was, I smacked a track up for the double drop and the fader flew into the crowd! And the thing is, the whole thing came out and I couldn’t do the rest of the set without it so I had to go into the crowd and fetch it! By the time I actually found it on the dancefloor the music stopped, so it was just super awkward.

Is there anything you’d like to say to raving Holland and the readers of this interview?
Keep doing what you do, cuz you’re energetic bastards and I love it hahaha!

Well yeah I guess we are some pretty energetic bastards haha! What would you like your legacy to be?
I’d like to have touched lots of people and expressed a lot of how I feel and lived to other people. Also find out a lot from others. I just love learning, that’s why I love going to new countries. You get completely new ideas and concepts. Everybody thinks differently, has a different frame of mind.

What do you have to say about Clownsville?
I really like the kind of family vibe to it. It’s a very close, tight group of producers and artists who are all trying to help each other to move as one rather than singular, and I like that. I think that’s why everyone in Clownsville is really making an impact on the scene and I really respect that. I really appreciate being involved in a night with Clownsville cuz I really respect what you guys are doing.

If you had to pick a colour, what would it be?
Green! Most things that are green are good. In fact all things that are green are good.

And does green have to do something with your music?
Yeah I like to focus on colours when making music as well. There are expressions in different colours. You know there is a condition you can get that when you listen to music you see colours. I’d love to actually see that, it’d be crazy!

What are your musical inspirations?
Gimme a minute… A lot of… I’ve always been inspired by musicians who’ve really like pushed through singular and just done what they want and got what they want BECAUSE they’ve done what they want. People like Jimi Hendrix. Just people who’ve pushed what they love.

Well thanks a bunch for this interview, I really enjoyed it! Any last words?
Shouts to Clownsville, BASSment, Digital Warfare, Bass Drop and all the other teams I’ve worked with recently!

Shortly after this incredibly fun interview, it was up to him to reproduce some of the energetic vibes that the DJ’s have been casting over this edition of Rocketfuel tonight, and boy oh boy does he do that! Some real filth is drilling through the soundsystem yet again and people are losing it. The set is also filled to the brim with exclusive dubplates he managed to get off of a LOT of famous DJ’s. He’s got plenty of surprises up his sleeve and it’s just an incredible musical journey through all aspects of the riddim genre. But, all good things come to an end, and after an hour it’s time for the final act: None less than our very own Clownsville boss Will Clovens, playing back to back with my good friend Madster to wrap things up and, most importantly, fuck things up for the final hour of the party.

Will Clovens started in the breakbeat scene with his former (duo) act; The Screaming Jesters in September 2011. In October 2012 the duo decided to split up. Since august 2013 Maarten started his new solo alias Will Clovens.

Will Clovens is always experimenting with new sounds and styles in the break-beat scene. His sound can be best described as ‘dark’, ‘deep’ and somewhat ‘experimental’. Will Clovens is definitely influenced by artists like Alix Perez, Icicle, Danny Scrilla and Machine Drum.

Clownsville’s boss released his debut album on Clownsville Records in September 2013 and more sounds are coming soon. Make sure to keep an eye on him; his energetic, dark and bass driven sets will give you an evil but yet satisfying smile!

His B2B DJ for the night, Madster, covers almost every genre in Drum and Bass. Artists like Noisia, Audio, Fred V and Grafix, Emperor and Mefjus influence him.

At the age of 15, Maddie started producing music. When he turned 17 he started playing the decks and began playing House-tunes. The House scene did not satisfy him enough, regardless of the big gigs he got and the popularity he gained. In 2009 he came in touch with the Drum and Bass and Dubstep scene and immediately fell in love with it. He played some notable gigs on Wish Outdoor alongside Black Sun Empire and Cookie Monsta and replaced Dodge & Fuski on One Full House!

Madster, along with Trollface, released a dubstep EP on Clownsville Records and had some collaborations with Clownsville boss ‘Will Clovens’. By covering almost every Drum and Bass genre there is, Madster is the DnB DJ to reach out for!

These two usually adopt two very different styles, but today it’s Madster who’s lead is followed and the set is a masterclass in DJ-ing. Despite the fact that these two are technically spot on, their tune selection is nothing short of monstrous. Tunes like Steady State VIP by Fourward and Friendly Intentions by Noisia are thrown around the sound system and the people in the venue have gone from dancing to skanking to outright moshing. I have been wondering why Madster hasn’t had his big break yet and when he drops his collaboration with Robokop, the incredible We Got The Riddim, I stand a very surprised man that it still hasn’t happened yet.

Will Clovens throws in some neat sounding tunes himself too and it’s just an incredible hour of drum n bass. It’s a shame when it ends but it does nonetheless.

RocketFuel #4 had the same two things that make this relatively small party stand out from others, maybe in the entire country: First of all, the atmosphere is incredible. I don’t think there’s a party in the country with a better atmosphere than this one, which is accounted for by the fact that over half the audience is befriended with one another. There’s a great family feel to it. The second thing is that RocketFuel has, and this isn’t even slightly a joke, by far, the greatest sound system I’ve ever heard music get blasted through in my life. It’s absolutely perfectly balanced out. You should come yourself next time and hear with your own ears! There’s no doubt you will be surprised by how awesome this relatively small party actually is, and it’s only growing every time! I had a blast this time and will most definitely be around for the next edition, too!

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