Clownsville @ Donderstep 08-05-2014



So, another edition of Donderstep up for us. Last time was an absolute (and free!) blast so I’m very curious what this one brings. I have been pretty stoked for tonight for a while now because my great friends Maddie (Madster) and Jeroen (Trollface) will be spinning those records in a B2B session and I already know the kinds of tunes they’ll be dropping.

But first up is Siphon to kick things off. He does so emphatically, blasting some proper deep tunes through the sound system. Bukez Finezt’s recently released Under Control among those. He and Lucash take turns throwing tracks at us so they can smoke up.

The great set is ended with Bare Knuckles by Badklaat, and then it’s time for the next DJ. Enter Jerha.
This guy sure has some great trap tunes up his sleeve. He immediately starts with a great trap tune by TNGHT, which is followed up by plenty of bassed out REAL TRVP SHIT. The venue is still disappointingly empty so lets hope that’s gonna change soon too. People in my group were greatly delayed before their arrival as well so lets accredit this to traffic!

11Thirty picks up where Jerha left and goes far beyond. The trap turns more uptempo and he even starts spinning some drum n bass tunes. The dub step thrown in between is slowly getting dirtier too so this promises something for the final act of the night, which is just about to start. Speaking of the devil: it’s my friends Madster and Trollface climbing the stage and manning the decks half an hour earlier than expected. Turns out Lucash is generous in giving half an hour of his time with 11Thirty to my friends, and boy do they not disappoint us. Tune after tune is thrown around the small but cosy venue. It’s pretty filled up by now too!

Disrupted by Mefjus and Emperor, one of my favourite drum n bass tunes, gets the crowd wild and shortly after this, the double drops start coming. Madster brilliantly mixes Headroom VIP with Timewarp VIP before switching to the Camo & Krooked remix of Numbers by John B. Trollface answers by pumping The Pelham Skank by Jayline and following it up with even more neat, NEAT jump up. This madness is continued throughout the 90 minutes and people are visibly disappointed when my friends have to pull the plug on their 90 minute masterclass in drum n bass music.

The most amazing thing about the Donderstep events is that they are absolutely and totally FREE. That’s right, it’ll cost you nothing but air to get inside and the music is always top notch. So when you are reading this: I expect your ass to be there at the next Donderstep. Yes, YOUR ass. That’s right. See you there and then! I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Written by: Elmar van Eijk