Clownsville Interviews Devnik and reports SAW 31-05-2014



SAW is turning more and more into one of my favourite parties. The atmosphere is almost impossible to reproduce anywhere else, the music and bookings are always spot on and on top of that, I always see tons of friends! So what better party to kick off our pilot of Clownsville TV, turning our coverage of breakbeat related parties throughout Holland on it’s head! Despite some technical difficulties, we still managed to get a deeper look into the organization of SAW Eindhoven than we normally would have. I’ve had the privilege of having a personal interview with Underslung Audio boss and SAW Eindhoven co-host Devnik for this report. He’s been going strong in the bass/dubstep scene since 2008. With a huge list of gigs on his name you know he’s not new to the whole shebang. His own productions have been causing many bass faces all over the planet, they’ll tell you the same in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands where they’ve experienced it first-hand! With several releases on big labels and his own label Underslung Audio, you can say Devnik is one to keep an eye, or, better said, an ear on. He’s been pushing his own sound since the start and currently experimenting with all sorts of different styles, hence why his DJ sets are extremely dynamic. Devnik’s sound is being influenced by neurofunk, glitch hop and just about any music that’s well produced (or recorded) and makes your brain work. His goal is to keep creating what he likes himself the most, while staying as original as possible.

Hi there, Bart. Lets immediately kick off this interview and start talking about woman! What would you consider to be the 3 most beautiful famous women on the planet?

I honestly never really think about that stuff, so I couldn’t really tell you a straight up answer. If a gorgeous woman were to pass me, logically I’d notice her but it’s not like I’m secretly creating a list in my head. Hold on, I’m going to research this…

Okay here goes:

Scarlett Johansson

Emma Stone

Gemma Arterton

Satisfied? They have to come across as intelligent though, or I won’t find her attractive after all. I will never be able to understand how people can fancy Paris Hilton

Wauw, yup! What makes a woman attractive?
Personality, intelligence and looks have to be alright too, ofcourse

What makes a woman únattractive?
Witty behavior and trying to come across as too tough or being fake. Just be yourself! That’ll make me like you most

Ever got a girlfriend through MSN?
I honestly can’t remember if I have, but probably! I was quite active on MSN

In what car would you drive to your wedding?
I’ve always said I’ll never marry…

Would you drive a hybrid?
Sure, but I prefer 100% electrical. I honestly don’t give a crap what I drive, as long as it drives. I can’t wait for self driving cars. Imagine how relaxing that must be!

Do you care about the environment?
I am conscious about it, but to state I really care about it… Let it be clear that we’re digging our own grave. Maybe it just has to be. Humanity is dumber than we think. Most people have the right intentions and ideals, but don’t act on them. I belong to this group myself. I think I can make people happy in other ways, like through music

Favourite historical character and why?
I’ve never been good at history, but if I had to name someone it’d be Carl Sagan. He’s popularised science, which probably generated a chain reaction of interested people. Just think about what this could activate in all of humanity… Right now Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a fine effort in replicating this for the current generation. He’s won my heart, that’s for sure!

There are countless people who have meant a great deal to humanity, so this is a tricky question

Now, what’s your favourite milkshake flavour?
I never drink milkshakes so I wouldn’t know

Do you like Thai- or other spicy food?
I quite like it spicy, but I wouldn’t be able to name you a specific dish. I’m not a kitchen man at all

Shoarma or kebab?
Kebab! Ánd shoarma… Whenever I order a pizza from New York Pizza, I almost always order myself a Double Tasty with both shoarma ánd kebab. Damn it, I’m starting to drool already

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I really dig Keane, great band

Favourite chick flick?
I’m a movie freak so don’t get me started. Oh by the way, it may not classify as a chick flick but I really liked Spring Breakers.

Did you ever partake in a rage such as planking?
Nope, I did marbles, pokémon cards, tamagochi and all this other great stuff though, right up to the point when I started thinking for myself.

Do you make selfies?
I do have some Whatsapp groups that feature some pretty selfies of mine. They do have to be semi-original

Your favourite sports to watch or do?
To watch: none! I never really liked sports. And hey, dropping an intense set is a sport too, right?

How often did you see Titanic?
A lot! It used to be my favourite movie back at Elementary school. Whenever those friendship books were passed onto me I wrote down Titanic as my favourite movie.

Ever bought yourself something from a salesman who came to your door?
Oh sure. Got myself some fibreglass like this just recently, actually. I did want to get it for quite a while already, though…

Ever seriously admitted to a hospital?
Yup. I caught a nasty ear infection as a child that required multiple surgeries to repair the damage. I got this big dent behind my ear because they had to drill in my skull to repair the damage. My hearing has never truly been the same since then and I’m still half deaf on my left side

Have you ever been properly Rickroll’d?
Plenty of times. Still isn’t funny either! I did however find a hilarious video of this sucker getting Rickroll’d in a very cool fashion:

Wintersport or Ardennes?
If I really have to choose: Ardennes, but I never went there. Wintersport doesn’t appeal to me one bit. I hate apres ski too

3 favourite parties in Holland (not included SAW or Breek)?
Subway, PRSPCT and Deep Cutz

Ever hallucinated?
No, I’m a little afraid to as well

Your big example of how you’re supposed to act?
I find the question a little shady but here goes nothing:

Be up for everything, grant people their opinions, remember your opinion isn’t necessarily the right one, be kind to your fellowman regardless of whether you like that person or not. Act out and get crazy sometimes, the world is serious enough as it is. Cliché quote incoming: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Your opinion on this questionnaire?
Properly random, but fun to answer. Normally the questions are thirteen in a dozen about production techniques and stuff, so I can appreciate this.

Anything you can tell us about the upcoming SAW?
If you haven’t planned on going yet, or have already got other plans? CANCEL IT! This edition is going to be RAD. I can’t wait to witness Teddy Killerz destroy the building. In other terms: It’s gonna be a party!

What do you look forward to most in life?
The success of my record label (Underslung Audio – red) that’s already beginning to show. I can say I’m pretty damn proud of how we have got it off the ground with absolutely no experience. Yeah, that’ll be the thing I look forward to the most.

And that brings the interview with Devnik to a close. Now lets get this party started!

The place is actually pretty filled up already when we set foot inside the great venue that is De Effenaar, and as always Devnik and Adder are killing it from the start. Before long they’re playing Nuke ‘Em by Datsik. We’ve already spoken about Devnik and his influence on the Dutch breakbeat scene, but his good friend and B2B DJ Addergebroed is someone else who definitely deserves a more proper introduction. He’s been producing dubstep since 2009 and went on to achieve quite some big things in his career already. He’s had releases on Subway Music and Underslung Audio, and his great song Shadows was subject to an absolutely destructive remix by one of the sickest beatmakers alive, the one and only Culprate.

Adder and Devnik are playing a whole variety of destructive tunes, ranging from Requake classics to Noisia destroyers. I’m always a little sad to see these two pull the plug on a gig, but since my heroes of Requake are lined up to take over, I can live with it.

My first ever dubstep party was Resist #2, and I still remember walking into the building when Requake had just unleashed their deep dub anthem Waterdrops upon the audience. I fell in love with the music and the rest is history.



Respected throughout the dubstep community, these guys combine killer mixdowns with catchy beats to create some amazing deep vibes in their unique and remarkably clean sound. These two wobble masters have been absolute heroes of mine ever since, especially since I had the privilege of hanging out with Adrien for a few hours at a Rocketfuel afterparty. Adrien told me they make a track in a single one nighter, after which nothing more than a mixdown is needed for them to finish up a song, which makes it even more impressive. The childhood friends started DJing at the age of 16 and have gone on to release on a multitude of labels like Subway Music, Bassclash and Dubstar Records. Their tracks have received recognition and approval from the likes of FuntCase, Cookie Monsta, Hatcha, N-Type, Lost, Eddy K and J:Kenzo. There’s no doubting these guys have got plenty more wonky wobbles up their sleeve in the future.

And they do not disappoint yet again! They play a lot of their great tunes but also mix it up with some amazing work by other artists like BadKlaat. The crowd is eating out of these guys’ hands and wobble after wobble gets a spin on the decks. I really don’t like seeing these guys stop their set after an hour. And now for something completely different.

A friendly introduction to Dan Ashworth, better known by his stage names Dash Total’d and D2. For SAW, he’ll be performing under the latter pseudonym, exploring his darker side of the dubstep spectrum whereas Dash Total’d stands for louder and heavier stuff. The Manchester bred Ashworth has been producing since 2004 and rose to prominence soon after. This guy even managed to make a decent dubstep remix of Gangnam Style! He has a unique sound to all his productions and he is killing it from the moment he starts his set.

Truth must be told though: technically it’s not the greatest set, but his tune selection more than makes up for it. He even manages to squeeze Mr. Happy into the mix! When he gives his own classic tune Ace a spin, the crowd completely loses it. The bookings are spot on once again and the music is awesome. The hour absolutely flies by, and at 2 am, it’s time for one of the greatest dubstep pioneers the genre has to offer.

Zack Kemp, known commonly by his stage name Trolley Snatcha, is a former drum n bass producer who turned to groundbreaking dubstep productions. The English hotshot is one of the pioneers of the acclaimed dubstep label Dub Police, created and owned by none less than the legendary Caspa. I still think his set at the last edition of Resist was the biggest one of the night, so you couldn’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to this icon fuck shit up at SAW. And by god, he’s dropping an even bigger set than the one I witnessed in Amsterdam! The amount of filth in these tunes is beyond measuring, and I believe when he throws Badman Sound, the speakers almost can’t hold it anymore. It’s one of the loudest tracks I’ve ever heard live!!!



This mean, mean track is just one of an amazing variety of killer tunes Trolley is dropping. Technically, his set is absolutely world class and you’ll have to travel a LONG way to see a crowd skanking their hearts out more than the people right here, right now, are doing to this masterclass in dubstep. And the closing act has yet to begin… This may be the end of us all!

Meet Ukrainian breakbeat masters Oleg and Anton, better known by their artist names Place 2b and Paimon respectively, and combined as the deadly duo of Teddy Killerz. They rose to prominence after their remix of Make It Bun Them impressed original artist Skrillex só much, he not only declared them honorary winners of the remix contest, but also offered them a record deal on his proclaimed label OWSLA, on which artists like KOAN Sound, I Am Legion, Kill The Noise, Sub Focus, Skream and even Rusko have released albums, among others. These boys mean business, and it’s loud ass business!

Teddy Killerz are playing everything you can possibly imagine to go with a breakbeat party. There’s trap, there’s drum n bass, there’s dubstep, and everything is absolutely insane. Ever since I heard New Drums, Teddy Killerz have been peaking at the top of my list of producers to follow and they are showing right now why that was justified.



Teddy Killerz are a real force to be reckoned with and it’s a damn shame when they have to close the night with their final track.

This edition of SAW may just have been one of the best ones yet, if not the very best. The atmosphere was immense as always and the music was massive. The organization have outdone themselves once again, and the next one is already scheduled to be another amazing party with none other than Chestplate owner Distance being the first announced name!

Interview and report done by: Elmar van Eijk