Clownsville @ Resist 10-05-2014


A new edition of Resist, and this time it’s in Amsterdam! Reactions were very mixed anticipating up to this one
so I was more curious than ever to see a party unfold around me. The atmosphere in our group was magnificent from the absolute get-go, cruising in the ever atmospheric AEM Bassbus, taking ravers to parties around the country from Eindhoven and Den Bosch since 2014!

Upon arrival at the Warehouse we are instantly struck by two things: the lineup for the next 50Hurtz is displayed on posters throughout the building and it’s an absolute KILLER getting us instantly hyped for some serious breakbeats. The second thing that instantly strikes us is that this venue is AB-SO-LUTE-LY amazing. Wow. I have rarely been in such an underground location for a monstrous party like Resist. I think after 6 you can ask my close family to identify me at the morgue because I will seriously fall in action for raving Holland here. First up are Hollands finest and Resist and OI! boss DJ Gomes, this time playing a 90 minute B2B with the amazing Swindle. They do NOT disappoint at all. Gomes remains one of my favourite dubstep DJ’s but this pairing with Swindle brings out ridiculously funky wobbles. Midnight Request Line in the mix!

After theseintense first 90 minutes come to a halt with a first time premiere of an absolutely SICK tune by Swindle (never played live before ever before tonight!), it’s the brilliant Ganz taking over. His Facebook profile states “Fuck A Genre” whereas most people would just fill in some, and his set sure shows why. I don’t even know how to define all these spin-offs of trap music, but it sure as hell rocks our socks. This is going to be one of the most mental raves I have ever been to, and we’ve yet to hit midnight!

The Amsterdam based DJ throws us some major beats and the crowd – already extremely big in number for this time of the night, is already skanking it’s socks off. I’m not sure if we can even handle what Resist have got in store for us next: the heroes of Delta Heavy! And boy will it get heavy!!!

The amazingly talented duo recently signed by the legendary label RAM Records owned by Andy C unleash a firestorm of loud ass tunes our way, and millions and millions of calories are burned by the united crowd. The building is already filled to the brim with ravers who all have the exact same thing on their agenda: SKANK. THEIR. GUTS. OUT.

Next up are the absolutely legendary Pendulum. This is by far the biggest name Resist have ever gotten to spin records at one of their already world (in)famous parties. The bass music collective, which has racked up over 2 million likes on Facebook, gives the crowd exactly what they came for: an impressive arsenal of all time drum n bass and EDM classics. The more I watch this madness unfold everywhere around me, the more I realise I’m actually standing five feet away from Pendulum. Only dent in their great set is a ridiculous remix of Tarantula, but nonetheless the crowd goes mental.

Plastician is up after an hour and a half of Pendulum, and you could say it’s a controversial choice of artist order. He drops the most die hard old school dubstep, and right after Pendulum some feel it’s mustard after their meal. There is no way Plastician could recreate the energy of Delta Heavy or Pendulum but in his own right he’s an absolute legend. One of my friends described him as the grandfather of dubstep and I may just agree with the man.

The soundsystem tonight sure beats the Resist #4 Death By Decibels. Where at the previous edition you could feel the bass break every bone inside your body, in this Warehouse it’s perfectly tuned and balanced out. Plastician sure knows how to pump some great sounds through the building and slowly people are picking up on the different energy of his set. After this hour, it’s time for
Trolley Snatcha.

My dear, dear readers, I would like to go on record and say:

“On, the tenth of may, technically the eleventh, I witnessed Trolley Snatcha drop one of the most FILTYH, INSANE dubstep sets I have EVER heard unfold before me in my raving career.”

This is nothing short of ridiculous. It’s insanity and madness turned to dubstep. The entire building is shaking on it’s foundations. Make My Whole World is right now making MY whole world, and the tune Sound Champion sure is an accurate description of what I feel about Trolley Right Now. Wow. This goes on record as one of the sickest sets I’ve ever heard so far.

Last up is Karimooo. When you know this guy is booked, you almost always know he’s gonna finish the night too. Why? Well, this right here is exactly why! Crossbreed fills up every corner of the building and the final remains of our energy are rapidly drained like this. People give it all they got to close up on this truly remarkable night of fine ass music.

As we leave the venue we feel sad that this couldn’t last for hours longer, and the atmosphere back to Eindhoven in the AEM Bassbus is amazing!

In the end though, it still was nothing near the Resist thrown in Eindhoven, but I don’t think that’s possible. Nonetheless the night was breathtaking and worth it’s trip in gold!

Written by: Elmar van Eijk