Clownsville @ Subquake 17-05-2014

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I have been looking forward to this night for months. SubQuake, Resist and Subway for me are the three dubstep and drum n bass parties that really stand out above the rest in this country so whenever there’s a new edition, I get beyond stoked for it. So, after weeks and weeks of anticipating, today is finally the day for a new SubQuake! Lets get it started as soon as possible!

Upon walking into the great venue that is Tilburg’s 013 I am instantly wowed by some of the tracks Adder and Devnik are dropping. Normally they can play harder material because they aren’t opening but tonight they’ve been given the honour of starting up this amazing party, and they do so in style! Underslung Audio co-owner Devnik and his ever so talented friend and B2B DJ Addergebroed decide after half an hour that it’s time they bring out some of their heavier tracks despite being the openers and hey, who cares anyway? They drop some absolutely bangers like Alpha Centauri by Noisia, even the immortal Nuke ‘Em by my favourite producer Datsik passes through the sound system. The hour absolutely rages by with this awesome wobbling carnage, and before we know it, Doggtown Records residents Beaudeamian and Guerrilla Speakerz.

Some REAL TRVP SHIT is thrown around the building and the people who CAN appreciate it, do so in large numbers. The DJ’s are essentially bass producers but they understand some dubstep can make more people appreciate the set so they also play some neat dubs to go with the massive trap tunes. The venue is filled to the brim halfway through their big set and before we know it, it’s time for RAM Records signee Loadstar to kick off his 90 minute set.

He kicks off his set emphatically, playing the Prototypes bootleg of LRAD by Knife Party, one of my favourite drum n bass tracks, in the process. After a few more tracks, he throws in Get Down Low by TC but double drops it with Swag by DC Breaks and the crowd is going absolutely mental. Loadstar is absolutely killing it, even playing one of my all-time favourites, the incredible tune Disrupted by neurofunk masters Mefjus and Emperor.



Loadstar ends his set with Breathe by The Prodigy, and then it’s time for one of the best drum n bass DJ’s the United States can offer the world: The legendary Dieselboy. His set is amazing, it’s ridiculous how this guy controls FOUR (!) decks at once. He doesn’t just look at them, he utilizes them all, at the same time whenever he feels like it. And boy does he feel like it! Banger after banger is pumped through the brand new sound system and the entire crowd is losing it. The moshpit is perfect and there’s room for everybody to skank their hearts out in whichever fashion they prefer.

I could cry when Dieselboy is forced to pull the plug on his amazing set and this amazing night due to the clock hitting 03:50 am. SubQuake has proven once again that it’s one of the very greatest breakbeat parties this country has to offer. The venue is perfect for an amazing party, the sound was perfect and the bookings are always spot-on. In a few editions, the likes of Calyx & TeeBee, SkisM, Neosignal and Dismantle have graced the decks of SubQuake and I’m sure many more amazing DJ’s will be asked to blast the greatest dub step, drum n bass, glitch hop and trap beats through our ears. Watch this space, because this party can only get better. And it’s already one of the very best!

Written by: Elmar van Eijk
Photos by: Jasper van Roessel

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