CVR 007: Will Clovens – Will Clovens

Will Clovens Walpaper 1600x1200New forces arrived in Clownsville. Or, to be exact, ancient forces have arrived to reinforce our little village! Will Clovens created an ancient world of fifteen mythological characters and he will reveal them on the 1st of September 2013.

The booty shaking tunes made by Suddendeaf brought a bit too much joy to the town. You know what happens when you wake up after a huge party. The ancient gods and creatures had to come back and put everything back to normal. At least that’s what they thought. The 15 new arrivals brought new problems with them. Some of them are sweet and kind but some of them are brutal or behave like backstabbers at night, it’s almost like a reality show.

Will Clovens(Clownsville’s founder) recorded everything and created a fifteen track LP out of it called ‘Will Clovens’. The LP is Will Clovens’ debut album, which can best be described as dark, deep and experimental. Every track has its own character and has its own break-beat related style. The album has been recorded in one year and contains several collaborations. A must-listen to album!