Clownsville News: Moody Good Album Previews

Last november we featured the first interview Moody Good ever did. In this interview he announced a full lenght album to be released later in 2014. Time flies when your having fun: You can now listen to little clips of the album and pre-order the album on iTunes! The release date is set at the […]

CVR 007: Will Clovens – Will Clovens

New forces arrived in Clownsville. Or, to be exact, ancient forces have arrived to reinforce our little village! Will Clovens created an ancient world of fifteen mythological characters and he will reveal them on the 1st of September 2013. The booty shaking tunes made by Suddendeaf brought a bit too much joy to the town. […]

Interview: Will Clovens

  Our latest release on Clownsville records is ‘Will Clovens’ debut album. A good reason to have an interview with Will Clovens! Hi Will Clovens! How are you doing? Hi! I’m doing fine, it was a little hectic last week but everything seems to be ok now. Yes, what went wrong with your release? Why […]

Review: Alix Perez – Chroma x Chords

Alix Perez has been climbing the ranks in in the drum ‘n’ bass scene at a very fast pace. Climbing would be an understatement if we’re honest – Alix perez has gradually become a houshold name at the renown and respected Shogun Audio label. The last months have brought even more milestones, A BBC Radio […]

Drum ‘n Tuesday: Phace (Re-release deluxe edition)

In todays Drum ‘n Tuesday we’ll be checking out Drum and Bass legend Florian Harres known as Phace. His sound can be described as atmospheric and powerful, imbued with deep cinematic flourishes, explosive energy, and human analog touch. He is known for his rhythmical experimentation, accompanied with deep twisted bass sounds, high contrasting ambience, and […]

Glitchy Thursday: I’m Contagious Mixtape!

In today’s Glitch ‘n Thursday a mixtape will be featured. The mixtape contains a collection of tracks by the Wonkay Records Family. You can expect some GlitchHop, NeuroHop, Trap and Neurofunk tunes. To download head over to WonkayDownloads and download it for the amount of money you think its worth! The album contains 9 tracks: […]

Drum ‘n Tuesday: Black Sun Empire – From the Shadows

Todays Drum ‘n Tuesday will be about: Black Sun Empire’s (aka Milan Heyboer, Micha Heyboer and Rene Verdult) album “From The Shadows”. Their own description of the album is as followed: “From The Shadows” is a 100% Drum and Bass album. This masterpiece is the follow up to the hugely successful 2010 ‘Lights And Wires’ […]