Clownsville at Events: Rocketfuel (Including interviews)

  Rocketfuel Number four up for grabs already, and this time it’s us taking over the party! Clownsville reporting in for bass music duty! In this article you will find two exclusive interviews, one with Pakripa and one with The Greys and a report of the event.¬† We’ll start right up with an interview with […]

Clownsville at Events: AEM Kick-off Party

  The AEM Kick-off party, one big family hosting one big party. This just has to be an awesome night.We head out to Eindhoven, discussing the line up along the way to our destination, Dynamo. Some of them are familiar faces, and some of them are new. We look forward to see what Antideus and […]

Clownsville at Events: Rocketfuel invites Legends Records

The guys from Rocketfuel Events invited Legends Records for a takeover. Rocketfuel is a dubstep/drum and bass event based in Someren in the south of Holland. The Rocketfuell invited the Legend Records crew to bring some bass to the little village. The party in Someren started early at 8 PM with the Rocketfuel resident Antideus […]