Clownsville News: Moody Good Album Previews

Last november we featured the first interview Moody Good ever did. In this interview he announced a full lenght album to be released later in 2014. Time flies when your having fun: You can now listen to little clips of the album and pre-order the album on iTunes! The release date is set at the […]

Clownsville Reviews: Teebs – E S T A R A

Well, well. It has been several months since I have last written a review about any record. You get a new job, you move into a new city, working-hours intensify, and there you go five months slipped by. It counts for less than half a year, but this small gap was enough for a fair […]

Clownsville at Events: Fissa 25-01-2014

We get into the car, wondering what FISSA will bring us. The line up is promising and we set off in a good mood with some Plastician playing from the car speakers. We look forward to this night full of bass, juke and much more. Upon arrival to Waallhalla in Nijmegen we park the car […]

Clownsville at Events: Blendits

For me and Danny it was the first time we decided to go to Blendits.. And wow! Best decision ever! It was a long drive to Rotterdam for us but it was totally worth it. The long long drive starts right after we finished a long day of work. Good for us the event starts […]

Clownsville Interviews: June Miller

Photo by: Isolde Woudstra We had an interview with June Miller, a transcontinental duo consisting of Mark McCann(UK) and Bart van Dijk(The Netherlands), which is very successful in the Drum and Bass scene. They released music on labels like RAM Records, Critical Music and Renegade Hardware for example. After an astonishing summer with loads of […]

Clownsville @ Subquake

A whole new concept has presented itself on the 1st of June 2013. SubQuake was hyped to be the next big and new bass-orientated dance party in and around Tilburg. With competition such as Subway and Resist, did it live up to the high expectation they made themselves? The look and feel they were going […]

Clownsville presents: Slack

Today we’re having our debut-edition from Slack. Slack is a returning bass-night in Tilburg(The Netherlands). We’re focussing on Trap, Bass and Future Beats. But we also like to trow Juke/Footwork, garage and experimental Hip-Hop towards your ears! Our line-up for tonight is: – Kubus Live (Fakkelteitgroep/Top Notch) – Le Boeuf Live (Fakkelteitgroep/Top Notch) – Cinta […]

Deep Monday: Youngsta

Youngsta is a dubstep DJ based in London, UK. He has a weekly radio show on each Monday 11pm-1am GMT. He is known for his exceptional mixing skills and musical style which is a continuation of the original, deeper, darker sound of Dubstep. I don’t need Youngsta needs more explantion at all. Time for […]