Meet the Clownsville Community

Meet the Clownsville Community! See what we do, what we stand for and what we like! Some major changes occured for Clownsville. Let’s not talk a lot about it, there’s a very cool video which explains it all, enjoy!     Be part of our communities: Video Credits: Rens van Bree

Clownsville in the Scene: Slack DJ Contest

  The astute viewers must have seen it: Slack is organizing a DJ-Contest! Do you want to spin records next to Eloq, Suddendeaf, Rolla 22 and Sefs? Read the rules and get going! –       Make a 30-minutes-mix –       Restrain yourself to: Trap, Juke/Footwork, Jersey Club, Future Beats –       Upload your mix on soundcloud and add […]

Clownsville in the scene: Win Outlook Festival Tickets

Outlook Festival is Europe’s leading Bass music and sound system culture festival. Outlook covers almost every genre we love to write about. The festival books around 300 artists, has 12 stages and 40 boat parties. It takes place in a mesmerizing 2000 years old fort in Pula, Croatia. Outlook festival will be opened with an […]

Clownsville at Events: Slack #3

When Cinta Soul is opening an evening, my ears are always prepared. Some hip-hop beats, dreamy sounds and always a classic from Flying Lotus. With this in my mind, I grab my bike, call some friends and cruise to the Hall of Fame. With the bass already audible from outside the room, a beer in […]

Clownsville @ Kapot Skeer 22-03-2014 (Panama, Amsterdam)

This is the first Kapot Skeer that is taking place at Panama (Amsterdam). This is kind of surprising for me to organize such an event at a club like this. I’m foreseeing some major trouble with the glasses, which are made from actual glass in this venue. Let’s hope this is not a signal for […]

Clownsville Lists: Madster

  It’s the end of the year and everybody is sharing their best releases of 2013. We could not stay behind, so we asked our DJ’s to create their top 10 releases of 2013. This year was an amazing year for the Break-Beat scene. A lot of quality music has been released and we really […]

Clownsville at Events: Sonic Boom 13-12-2013

  Everybody who has read the review about last Sonic Boom knows how The Immortalz were able to screw up that edition. To forget about that this line up contains Kryptic Minds as the headliner, and Karma Initiative, TMSV and Brutuzz assist him. On top of that this night’s showcase is held in Patronaat Haarlem […]

Clownsville: Giveaway for SAW vs BREEK

    After a great succes last year it is time for another collaboration between SAW and BREEK on the 21th of december 2014. SAW vs BREEK will be marked as a cross-over between bass genres in the Effenaar. All artists will do their utmost to vibrate the floors of the Effenaar and fill the […]

Clownsville @ Subquake invites Rwina 30-11-2013

When Subquake announced a Subquake edition a week before next Subquake, we might have expected a sort of pre-party for Subquake on the 7th of December. But looking at the differences in the line-up of both editions this was definitely not a pre-party. Clownsville CEO Will Clovens has the honor of opening the night with […]

Clownsville Interview: Moody Good

  When we heard the news that one of the former 16Bit producers started a new project called ‘Moody Good’. In a few days he managed to get over 3000 likes on Facebook without even putting a song online. Recently he uploaded one of his first clips on Soundcloud and we were blown away immediately. […]