Clownsville at Events: Give it Dub 31-06-2014

  There we go, Ruben here kicking things off! Give It Dub, almost like my home turf. If I could I would live here by now, Nijmegen has the best events in the scene if you ask me and I’m more than excited for this one! Walking into the venue always gives me goosebumps, especially […]

Clownsville Reviews: Teebs – E S T A R A

Well, well. It has been several months since I have last written a review about any record. You get a new job, you move into a new city, working-hours intensify, and there you go five months slipped by. It counts for less than half a year, but this small gap was enough for a fair […]

Clownsville at Events: Krackfree 4 Year Anniversary

I have never been to a Krackfree event before, but any dubstep event is sure to get me psyched out for the experience and I knew a lot of friends were going to be there so I went to Café Altstadt locked and loaded with great bassline expectations. And boy oh boy did I get […]

Clownsville at Events: GetDarker at Waalhalla

Here we go! GetDarker in Nijmegen! Really siked for this one! First thing I notice is that it seems to be normal for people in Nijmegen to arrive late. The venue, WaalHalla, is empty! But yeah, that’s all right. Bass-waves flow better in empty buildings anyway. Lucash is spinning some lovely J:Kenzo, followed by a […]

Clownsville at Events: Give it Dub 07-02-2014

There is some fierce competition tonight, because there are a lot of bass events in Holland. Give it dub is the place were I will spend this night. Arriving early at Give it Dub tonight and I’m looking forward to this one! Easy parking near Doornroosje, which is good, I don’t like walking. Unfortunately BEEVEE […]

Clownsville at Events: Blendits

For me and Danny it was the first time we decided to go to Blendits.. And wow! Best decision ever! It was a long drive to Rotterdam for us but it was totally worth it. The long long drive starts right after we finished a long day of work. Good for us the event starts […]

Clownsville at Events: SAW vs BREEK 21-12-2013


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Clownsville at Events: Sonic Boom 13-12-2013

  Everybody who has read the review about last Sonic Boom knows how The Immortalz were able to screw up that edition. To forget about that this line up contains Kryptic Minds as the headliner, and Karma Initiative, TMSV and Brutuzz assist him. On top of that this night’s showcase is held in Patronaat Haarlem […]

Deep Monday: Goth-Trad

This time in deep monday: Goth-Trad. Most of you will know him, but how did he end up with the legendary status he has nowadays? Goth-Trad started making music in 1998, and was most of all very experimental. By the end of 2006 Goth-Trad was on his fourth European tour, where he met with Mala […]

Deep Monday: Youngsta

Youngsta is a dubstep DJ based in London, UK. He has a weekly radio show on each Monday 11pm-1am GMT. He is known for his exceptional mixing skills and musical style which is a continuation of the original, deeper, darker sound of Dubstep. I don’t need Youngsta needs more explantion at all. Time for […]