Meet the Clownsville Community

Meet the Clownsville Community! See what we do, what we stand for and what we like! Some major changes occured for Clownsville. Let’s not talk a lot about it, there’s a very cool video which explains it all, enjoy!     Be part of our communities: Video Credits: Rens van Bree

Clownsville @ Donderstep 08-05-2014

  So, another edition of Donderstep up for us. Last time was an absolute (and free!) blast so I’m very curious what this one brings. I have been pretty stoked for tonight for a while now because my great friends Maddie (Madster) and Jeroen (Trollface) will be spinning those records in a B2B session and […]

Clownsville @ Breek 03-05-2014

Since Dystal and Proxima are on a new adventure, The Illuminated (Underslung Audio) are taking over Breek now as residents and promotors. This is the third edition of the new concept of Breek and the third time I see Les Projecteurs providing the night with some awesome visuals! The Illuminated really knew how to warm […]

Clownsville @ Underslung Audio Showcase 11-04-2014

Underslung Audio Showcase. Is this real life? Or is this fantasy? Ruben’s up first! I know for sure this is one nice atmosphere to walk in to. Some heavy and at the same time deep tunes even your mother would approve of are played already by Karma Initiative and Tylam. When walking towards the small […]

Clownsville Interviews: June Miller

Photo by: Isolde Woudstra We had an interview with June Miller, a transcontinental duo consisting of Mark McCann(UK) and Bart van Dijk(The Netherlands), which is very successful in the Drum and Bass scene. They released music on labels like RAM Records, Critical Music and Renegade Hardware for example. After an astonishing summer with loads of […]

Clownsville @ Blackout Eindhoven, 02-11-2013

Drum and bass is probably one of my favorite genres at the moment. The energy, the vibe and atmosphere are wonderful and almost unlimited. Tonight is a night where I expect some serious dancing and fill my hearth with the best D&B arround. So, I hope this night can fulfill my expectations. The night kicked […]

Clownsville @ Breek 05-10-2013

So the time has come. After the earlier interview with the creators of Breek, about the changes to the concept, it is finally time to put their word to the test and see whether they’ve turned this party into the biggest banger in drum and bass in Eindhoven! We started our evening with a VIP […]

Drum ‘n Tuesday: Joe Ford

If it comes to dark, techy drum&bass, Joe Ford from Harrogate, England is one of my favorite producers. He’s fairly new to the scene but already well on his way on becoming a major player in the scene! Have a listen to his tunes and enjoy his glitchy sound and his insane audio mixing skills!

Liquid Friday: Colossus!

Lets chill into the weekend with Colossus. A liquid DnB producer from the UK. Perfect combinations of sweet vocals and synths. Just listen to his music: Colossus – Longer Lasting Colossus ft. DnBethh – Falling Colossus – Cherish Colossus – Under The Weather Colossus – Pulstasis Like him on Facebook Listen to his sounds on […]

Drum ‘n Tuesday: Mindscape

Gergely Sasvári is the name behind the artist Mindscape, he is one of the major producers in the hungarian drum and bass scene. Mindscape was originally founded as a producer trio in 2003, but later on it became Gergely’s solo project. When he released his debut album ‘Black Lotus’ he became a famous dnb artist […]