Clownsville Interviews Devnik and reports SAW 31-05-2014

  SAW is turning more and more into one of my favourite parties. The atmosphere is almost impossible to reproduce anywhere else, the music and bookings are always spot on and on top of that, I always see tons of friends! So what better party to kick off our pilot of Clownsville TV, turning our […]

Clownsville @ Breek 03-05-2014

Since Dystal and Proxima are on a new adventure, The Illuminated (Underslung Audio) are taking over Breek now as residents and promotors. This is the third edition of the new concept of Breek and the third time I see Les Projecteurs providing the night with some awesome visuals! The Illuminated really knew how to warm […]

Clownsville @ Underslung Audio Showcase 11-04-2014

Underslung Audio Showcase. Is this real life? Or is this fantasy? Ruben’s up first! I know for sure this is one nice atmosphere to walk in to. Some heavy and at the same time deep tunes even your mother would approve of are played already by Karma Initiative and Tylam. When walking towards the small […]

Clownsville at Events: AEM Kick-off Party

  The AEM Kick-off party, one big family hosting one big party. This just has to be an awesome night.We head out to Eindhoven, discussing the line up along the way to our destination, Dynamo. Some of them are familiar faces, and some of them are new. We look forward to see what Antideus and […]

Clownsville at Events: Krackfree 4 Year Anniversary

I have never been to a Krackfree event before, but any dubstep event is sure to get me psyched out for the experience and I knew a lot of friends were going to be there so I went to Café Altstadt locked and loaded with great bassline expectations. And boy oh boy did I get […]

Clownsville @ Blackout 29-03-2014

  The guys of Black Sun Empire have been touring around Europe with their Blackout nights, but tonight they’re finally hitting up Eindhoven again to fill the Effenaar with some of the best Drum and Bass tunes. I missed out on Blackout last time, but I’ve heard some great stories about it so I’m already […]

Clownsville at Events: SAW Eindhoven 22-02-2014

SAW is a well-known party from the Effenaar in Eindhoven and everytime I go there I have a wonderful time. The line up this night is different than the editions before. This is because the concept of SAW changed since the last party went down when Koven and Badklaat nearly destroyed the Effenaar that night. […]

Clownsville At Events: Breek 01-02-2014

  The Breek parties in the Effenaar (Eindhoven) are parties we’re always excited to go to. Both of us are curious about this edition because we haven’t really listened any tracks of the producers that control the decks tonight. Danny: When I give my jacket to the nice lady behind the desk, I can hear […]

Clownsville at Events: Resist #4

Resist, the fourth edition, Oh man what a night. Upon arrival at the ‘Klokgebouw Eindhoven’ we’ve experienced a smooth entrance. There is a long queue outside the entrance so we step in line and while we discuss our expectations for tonight the line is being dealt with quiet efficiently. As we enter the foyer, we […]

Clownsville at Events: SAW vs BREEK 21-12-2013


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