Clownsville @ Donderstep 08-05-2014

  So, another edition of Donderstep up for us. Last time was an absolute (and free!) blast so I’m very curious what this one brings. I have been pretty stoked for tonight for a while now because my great friends Maddie (Madster) and Jeroen (Trollface) will be spinning those records in a B2B session and […]

Glitchy Thursday: I’m Contagious Mixtape!

In today’s Glitch ‘n Thursday a mixtape will be featured. The mixtape contains a collection of tracks by the Wonkay Records Family. You can expect some GlitchHop, NeuroHop, Trap and Neurofunk tunes. To download head over to WonkayDownloads and download it for the amount of money you think its worth! The album contains 9 tracks: […]

EP Saturday: MukMusik

Muk released his newest EP: “Shut Ya Mouth”, just 2 weeks ago, and has delivered an all new sound we havnt heard from him much. MuK is a producer from Birmingham, UK. He releases tracks on Dubstar and Bassclash, and is very well known for  his deep dubs with for example Disonata and Requake. To […]

Filthy Wednesday: KillaGraham

Today’s Filthy Wednesday will be about KillaGraham. KillaGraham, a producer from a small town in North Carolina, started his DJ Carreer as a Hip-Hop/scratch DJ in 2006. Growing up he was part of various bands and orchestras in middle and high school, where he learned to play various instruments. In his first year in college […]

Deep Monday: 50 Carrot

This Deep Monday will be about 50 Carrot. This 17 years old producer from Leeds creates some deep but real heavy dubstep. With his very unique own dark metallic sound he got lots of support by the likes of badklaat and requake. Releasing on labels such as Resonance Audio, Mutism Records, Monkey Dub, Crybaby & […]