Meet the Clownsville Community

Meet the Clownsville Community! See what we do, what we stand for and what we like! Some major changes occured for Clownsville. Let’s not talk a lot about it, there’s a very cool video which explains it all, enjoy!     Be part of our communities: Video Credits: Rens van Bree

Clownsville at Events: Rocketfuel (Including interviews)

  Rocketfuel Number four up for grabs already, and this time it’s us taking over the party! Clownsville reporting in for bass music duty! In this article you will find two exclusive interviews, one with Pakripa and one with The Greys and a report of the event.  We’ll start right up with an interview with […]

Clownsville @ Kapot Skeer 22-03-2014 (Panama, Amsterdam)

This is the first Kapot Skeer that is taking place at Panama (Amsterdam). This is kind of surprising for me to organize such an event at a club like this. I’m foreseeing some major trouble with the glasses, which are made from actual glass in this venue. Let’s hope this is not a signal for […]

Clownsville at Events: Basz invites Clownsville – 07-02-2014

  We arrive at ‘’Het paard van Troje’’, a bit late because of some delay on the way to BASZ, but we are glad that we are there. We walk in at the moment Le Lion starts spinning, and another night of infectious vibes and energizing rhythms starts. Le lion opens with his own production […]

Clownsville Lists: Le Lion

  Le lion created a list that contains some signature releases in the break-beat scene. Energetic, metallic, groovy and very interesting rhythms. Expect Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Bass in this list by king of the jungle Le Lion. 10. 12Gauge – Reload     9. Radikal Guru – Subconscious     8. Lurka – […]

Event Saturday: Going Out In Style #2

Tonight the second edition of Going Out In Style will take place in “Pand 14”, Amsterdam. Last year, we of Clownsville were at the first edition of Going Out In Style, which was a great succes. Aftermovie of Going Out In Style last year This year they are back, with two DJ’s from our own […]

Clownsville Remix Competition 001: Le Lion – Annunaki

Its time for our first remix competition! Le Lion received an instruction by the 5 gods, the Anunnaki. Their leader: the Anu told him to build a special Annunaki track. Le Lion immediately started working on the track and this is the result. A non-human track, which needs to be remixed! And that’s what this […]

Recapturing 2012 and looking towards 2013!

First of all: Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for supporting Clownsville so far! Clownsville started January 2012 with blogging and since October 2012 we are releasing tunes on Clownsville Records. Our first release was by The Screaming Jesters & Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap and shortly after came releases by […]

Event: Going out in Style(The Day Of Reckoning)

As the Mayans told us thousands of years ago, the 21th of December the world will come to an end. This is the time to party-hard for the last time! Going Out In Style will take place in ‘Pand 14, Amsterdam’ tonight! Be there, because they have searched for some apocalyptic DJ’s who will guide […]

Clownsville Podcast 002: Mordalski Guestmix

Time for our second Clownsville Podcast. This time we have got Mordalski in the Guestmix. It is not the usual break-beat stuff, but more of a techno/electro kinda vibe with some heavy bass-sounds and slightly experimental here and there. We think you will enjoy it! Here’s the tracklist: 1 – Proxy – Revolution (Original Mix) […]