Clownsville News: Moody Good Album Previews

Last november we featured the first interview Moody Good ever did. In this interview he announced a full lenght album to be released later in 2014. Time flies when your having fun: You can now listen to little clips of the album and pre-order the album on iTunes! The release date is set at the […]

Clownsville Review: Koan Sound & Asa – Sanctuary EP

I’ve been a fan of Asa for a few years but I have never really been into Koan Sound. I’m a huge fan of the emotional, lush tracks by Asa so I was kinda worried that this EP would be ‘’disrespectful’’ to Asa’s sound. But how wrong was I… This by Asa & Koan Sound […]

Glitchy Thursday: Disprove

Disprove continues to deliver quality after quality release. After impressing the neuro world through his incredible attention to detail and engineering, Disprove returns again with two more for the Neurohop community; ‘Thumper’ and ‘Rustic Funk.’ Once again, prepare to be blown away! Whether it’s his meticulous basslines, mysterious melodies, or seriously funky rhythms, Disprove serves […]

Filthy Wednesday: Au5

Au5 is the EDM solo project of Austin Collins, a 20 year old electronic music producer from New Jersey. “I have been a musician my entire life and began producing at age 12. I combine elements of electro, progressive house, trance, and dubstep to create what I like to call “trancestep”. I strive for pristine […]

Glitchy Thursday: Koan Sound

KOAN Sound is an electronic music act consisting of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow, both hailing from Bristol, UK. In early 2011 KOAN Sound released their first extended single, the ‘Max Out EP’. The release signalled a turning point in their production, gradually moving away from the 140bpm template and showcasing a wider range of […]