Clownsville @ Resist 10-05-2014

A new edition of Resist, and this time it’s in Amsterdam! Reactions were very mixed anticipating up to this one so I was more curious than ever to see a party unfold around me. The atmosphere in our group was magnificent from the absolute get-go, cruising in the ever atmospheric AEM Bassbus, taking ravers to […]

Clownsville Interviews: GANZ

GANZ is really making a name right now. His sound is getting plays by quite a lot of important folks. I got the chance to interview him about a year ago for 3VOOR12, (read it here). It was very clear back then that this guy was going to burst into the scene and I was […]

Clownsville at Events: Fissa 25-01-2014

We get into the car, wondering what FISSA will bring us. The line up is promising and we set off in a good mood with some Plastician playing from the car speakers. We look forward to this night full of bass, juke and much more. Upon arrival to Waallhalla in Nijmegen we park the car […]