Clownsville Interviews Devnik and reports SAW 31-05-2014

  SAW is turning more and more into one of my favourite parties. The atmosphere is almost impossible to reproduce anywhere else, the music and bookings are always spot on and on top of that, I always see tons of friends! So what better party to kick off our pilot of Clownsville TV, turning our […]

Clownsville at Events: SAW Eindhoven 22-02-2014

SAW is a well-known party from the Effenaar in Eindhoven and everytime I go there I have a wonderful time. The line up this night is different than the editions before. This is because the concept of SAW changed since the last party went down when Koven and Badklaat nearly destroyed the Effenaar that night. […]

Clownsville Interviews: MC Swift

  You might have heard his voice during one of the Dutch breakbeat nights. MC Swift, likes to keep his weekends scheduled with hosting parties, for example, going full heat on the mic during Subway in Rotterdam, or even hosting the show for Kryptic Minds during Outlook! We met with him fairly recently and talked […]

Clownsville at Events: SAW vs BREEK 21-12-2013


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Clownsville: Giveaway for SAW vs BREEK

    After a great succes last year it is time for another collaboration between SAW and BREEK on the 21th of december 2014. SAW vs BREEK will be marked as a cross-over between bass genres in the Effenaar. All artists will do their utmost to vibrate the floors of the Effenaar and fill the […]

Clownsville @ SAW 24-08-2013

Alright, SAW Dubstep in the Effenaar in Eindhoven. We’ve heard a lot about this party and the venue but we never really had the chance to go. But, for everything there is a first time! Ruben: Waiting for the doors to open isn’t too bad since it is still August and, as planned, the doors […]