Clownsville @ Subquake 17-05-2014

  I have been looking forward to this night for months. SubQuake, Resist and Subway for me are the three dubstep and drum n bass parties that really stand out above the rest in this country so whenever there’s a new edition, I get beyond stoked for it. So, after weeks and weeks of anticipating, […]

Clownsville at Events: SubQuake 7-12-2013

  We’re already at the fourth edition of Subquake and you can see the party grow every edition. With a cool line-up that contains a lot of back-to-back sets we are stoked for this night! Gomes b2b Subzee-D, Breakage b2b Dismantle, Calyx & Teebee and Delta Heavy, well: you know it’s going to be chaos. […]

Clownsville @ Subquake invites Rwina 30-11-2013

When Subquake announced a Subquake edition a week before next Subquake, we might have expected a sort of pre-party for Subquake on the 7th of December. But looking at the differences in the line-up of both editions this was definitely not a pre-party. Clownsville CEO Will Clovens has the honor of opening the night with […]

Clownsville Review: Eprom – Half Life

Where a lot of music can be put in a box easily, Eprom’s work is rather tricky to label. It’s a new sound for me personal, though it has a lot of similarities with the Trap subgenre in Hip-Hop. Yet it’s built on significant Bass fundaments with monotone 8-bit samples and sawing strings, merging itself […]

Clownsville @ SubQuake 14-9-2013

After visiting the first edition in June, the Clownsville crew was looking forward to the next edition of SubQuake. And with a line-up like this we certainly couldn’t miss this edition! 2200 – 2320 – The Illuminated 2320 – 0020 – Joe Ford 0020 – 0120 – Metrik 0120 – 0220 – SKisM 0220 – […]

SubQuake #2: Win Tickets!

This Saturday another edition of SubQuake will start. We were there the first time and we will be there this time. Have you allready read our report about the first edition? SubQuake will feature industrial Dubstep and Drum ‘n bass, but they do not scare other genres such as Electro and Neurofunk. Subquake’s most important […]

Clownsville @ Subquake

A whole new concept has presented itself on the 1st of June 2013. SubQuake was hyped to be the next big and new bass-orientated dance party in and around Tilburg. With competition such as Subway and Resist, did it live up to the high expectation they made themselves? The look and feel they were going […]

Everything Saturday: Subquake!

Today our everything Saturday will be all about Subquake! Subquake is a Dutch bass-orientated event in ‘Poppodium 013’. Subquake will feature industrial dubstep and Drum ‘n bass, but they do not scare other genres such as Electro and Neurofunk. Subquake’s most important sound is bass! Subquake managed to get an astonishing line-up for their debut […]