Clownsville @ Donderstep 08-05-2014

  So, another edition of Donderstep up for us. Last time was an absolute (and free!) blast so I’m very curious what this one brings. I have been pretty stoked for tonight for a while now because my great friends Maddie (Madster) and Jeroen (Trollface) will be spinning those records in a B2B session and […]

Clownsville at Events: AEM Kick-off Party

  The AEM Kick-off party, one big family hosting one big party. This just has to be an awesome night.We head out to Eindhoven, discussing the line up along the way to our destination, Dynamo. Some of them are familiar faces, and some of them are new. We look forward to see what Antideus and […]

Clownsville @ FISSA

Next on our agenda is: ‘FISSA’, in Waalhalla Nijmegen. The Line-Up looked great; Bukez Finest, Om-Unit, Lucash & Trollface, Low5, Ozzie and Joenis  x HRRZ & 11Thirty. So off we go! Fissa is an initiative by Trollface & Lucash. A well-known DJ duo from Nijmegen and they know how to build a real ‘Fissa’. Fissa […]

Everything Saturday: Trollface & Madster – Overdose Videoclip!

This week’s Everything Saturday is all about the Overdose videoclip that came out this week! The video has been produced by Lucash, starring mister Trollface himself. It’s the first ever dubstep video that Lucash did and it will not be the last one! Trollface & Madster – Overdose [Official Video]

Event: Going out in Style(The Day Of Reckoning)

As the Mayans told us thousands of years ago, the 21th of December the world will come to an end. This is the time to party-hard for the last time! Going Out In Style will take place in ‘Pand 14, Amsterdam’ tonight! Be there, because they have searched for some apocalyptic DJ’s who will guide […]

CVR003: Trollface & Madster – Overdose EP

Release number three This release has been produced by Trollface & Madster, two dutch producers hailing from Nijmegen and Bakel. There’s a story about Trollface in Italy. He had a lovely vacation till he got an overdose of alcohol which brought him into a coma. He came back, and decided to tell this story with […]

Filthy Wednesday: 013 Circus Takeover Special!

This saturday our hometown Tilburg will get devastated by the Circus Records crew. Today we’ll be taking a look at the artists playing that evening in 013! The venue will open up at 21:00 and the party ends at 04:00. The timetable looks like this: 21.00-21.55 Trollface 21.55-22.50 Point.blank 22.50-23.50 Brown & Gammon 23.50-00.50 Roksonix […]